terça-feira, julho 13, 2004

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Injecção de adrenalina no Pacto de Estabilidade!  

Via Valete Fratres:

Brussels wins crucial court case over euro rules

«(..)the European Court of Justice annulled the decision of the Council to suspend a disciplinary procedure against France and Germany for repeatedly breaking the euro rules.


This represents a landmark victory for the Brussels executive and affirms its role as the supervisor of EU economic policy.

But there are few legal precedents to point to what might happen next.

(...) finance ministers may have to take another decision based on the Commission recommendations that the Council illegally rejected.

However, member states are unlikely to share a single opinion on the ruling. Germany and France, which could be fined up to 10 and seven billion euro respectively, will be outraged.

But the Netherlands, which currently holds the EU presidency, has frequently called for a strict interpretation of the rules underpinning the euro and is likely to welcome the judgement»

Sempre achei que as leis que existem são para cumprir. Se não se gosta, mudam-se. Portugal sofreu para cumprir as metas do Pacto e os ricos safam-se? Não, acarretem as consequências. Afinal foi Kohl que impôs muitas das regras para proteger o Euro e manter uma moeda forte como o Marco era. Aparece o Schröder e já não lhe convem...
Só não percebo porque é que a Manuela Ferreira Leite votou a favor da não-penalização...

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